Skal New Zealand's Travel & Tourism breakfast attracts industry from both sides of the Tasma

New Zealand's travel and tourism industry joined together at a breakfast organised by Skal International New Zealand.

Held at Cordis, Auckland on Thursday 20th June, the venue was packed with 60 attendees, some of whom traveled across the Tasman.

Global Vice-President Peter Morrison and Auckland Club President Michael Shah shared details about the organisation and membership options.

Debbie Wood from super yacht service company, Amare was the winner of the lucky door prize - two bottles of Ice Moet sponsored by Trish May.

Many thanks to Stu Freeman from TRAVELinc Magazine for these pictures.

Jonas George (centre), Air Vanuatu; with Melbourne's Pete Rawley and Ingrid Berthelsen,

Photo Credit Travel Memo Stu Freeman

Kate Morrison, Michael Shah, Peter Morrison

Photo Credit Travel Memo Stu Freeman

Peter Morrison Presents Debbie Wood Lucky winner door prize

Photo Credit Travel Memo Stu Freeman

Richard Froggatt (centre), Macau Tourism; with Lance Mould and Valentina Mould-Morelli, both Active Asia Photo Credit Travel Memo Stu Freeman

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